2020* Season

To our Middleton Boys Volleyball Community,

We did it!  That small phrase can be used so many ways this year:

  1. We had our season!  That was no guarantee this year, and our 2020* season was one to remember, for sure!
  2. We survived a shut-down!  After a positive test on the varsity team in mid-March, our guys had to quarantine yet still stay focused and strong enough to come back ready to go. The guys did that with gusto, the JV Red team stepped up and did a great job in their varsity matches, and the varsity came back on fire for the rest of the season!
  3. We played for a championship!  Our goal was to be playing for as long as we could this season. That meant playing until the very last day, and the last day this year was the state championship match!  Our guys did a great job, and I am unbelievably impressed with and proud of this year’s squad. 
  4. We made awesome memories and wrote a great chapter in Middleton Volleyball history!  I will forever remember all the adjustments, protocols, intense practices, teamwork, and camaraderie. It was a great run, and it left me with great memories and tons of excitement for next season!  

Thank you to everyone who helped make this season one for the record books- the athletic department, the parents, the coaches, the helpers at all our matches, the crowds we got to have, the injured players who helped in so many ways, and most definitely the players on our teams. We found our groove, modeled teamwork and leadership, and wrote history!  

Until next season,

Coach K


  • Big Eight Conference Champs
  • State Championship Runner Ups