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 Our volleyball pre-season Contact Days are a GO!
 Active players that have signed up to be in a practice group for pre-season contact days have received an email from Coach Kleinschmidt and the coaching staff letting them know what group they are in.  If you have not received an email assigning you to a group, then you need to contact coach and make your request.  We can still create additional practice groups, so if you want to join please contact Coach Kleinschmidt at rkleinschmidt@mcpasd.k12.wi.us to get set up in a group.  

To be clear, you cannot just show up and participate this year- COVID protocols do not allow that.  You must get set up in a practice group to participate, so contact coach to get that done!

Please save these dates/times: 
Saturday, January 16    12:00pm - 2:00pm
Saturday, January 23    10:00am 12:00pm
 Tuesday, January 26    6:00pm  8:00pm
 Saturday, January 30    10:00am 12:00pm
 Tuesday, February 2    6:00pm  8:00pm
 Saturday, February 6    10:00am 12:00pm
 Saturday, February 13    10:00am 12:00pm

 Remember, please be smart and practice social distancing. 
We need everyone to stay healthy so we can have a great High School season. 

Upcoming Events

  • Tentative Contact Dates
  • 1st day of the alternate fall schedule is February 22.
  • Check back frequently as we’ll post updates once our schedule gets determined.

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