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This week in Middleton Boys Volleyball from Coach K. Each week during the season Coach K will provide an update on the coming volleyball activities.

This week in volleyball from Coach K

November 16, 2022

Hi all,

Well, I headed out for work at 6:00 am the day after our banquet and haven’t been back home yet- back on the 21st!  But in the meantime there have been a few final notes and accomplishments that wrapped up our volleyball season they were pretty cool.  Here is what happened:

Ben Heise (senior, right side hitter) was named First Team All-State by coaches around the state!  This is an amazing accomplishment and huge honor, as only 7 players from the entire state receive this honor!  Congratulations Ben!

Ambrose Engling (junior, outside hitter) was named Second Team All-State!  Ambrose was one of the few juniors on any of the all-state teams and is prepping for more big things, I am sure!  Congratulations to Ambrose!

Alexander Heuer (senior, libero) was named Honorable Mention All-State!  This honor capped off a great senior season for Alexander- congratulations!

It is a huge accomplishment and honor to have multiple all-state recognitions and these guys deserve everything they have received.  They were great leaders this season and proudly represented our #CardinalNation on the big stage with these awards.  I hope our future Cardinal Varsity team members can draw inspiration from these young men as they move through their future journeys as well!

Also, as off-season begins we will have a few things in store:

1.  Strength and conditioning training:  players may have already heard from or may be hearing from teammates to organize team strength sessions in the weight room.  There are multiple time frames available but we may be trying to get guys together as a group to work out together.  Stay tuned!

2.  Open gyms:  typically there is no gym space during winter sports, so look for any open gyms at school to begin in April or May, depending on availability.  April can be tricky with spring sports needing gym space during inclement weather; we will see how successful we are in that month.

3.  If players are playing any volleyball in the off-season, let me and our coaches know.  It is always fun to try and find tournaments where they are playing and come watch some matches!

I think that’s all for now.  It was quite a run this past season, and we all had some great times to remember and be proud of.  Keep reminding those players to be great in the classroom and respectful as students and athletes.  We are proud of them!

Have a great week! Coach K