Information about the 2018 Freshman Team


Last Name Name Jersey # Parents
Anderson Harry 9
Bauer Jace 10 Bauer, Carmen
Braun Torin 1 Braun, Krysia and Paul
Cruz Christian 12 Rothamer, JoAnne & Cruz, Alex
Fey Jacob 8 Fey, Shawn
Frank Ryane 11 Frank, Sarah
Hoffman Chase 17 Hoffman, Keith
Julius Brendan 2
Ostreng Zach 3 Ostreng, Kerry
Roberts Hudson 13 Roberts, Christy
Virnig Mark 5 Vernig, Kathryn
Voss Andy 14
Wilson Alex 7

Photos and Videos

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Parent Representatives

  • Freshman Team Parent Rep: Kerry Ostreng
  • Tournament Food Coordinator: Kerry Ostreng
  • Videographer:
  • Photographer:
  • Social Media Rep:

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